La Sirène d’Ushuaia

It has been my lifelong dream to write children’s stories.  I am extremely excited about La Sirène d’Ushuaia because it is the first of my stories to be published (although not by far the first I have written).  It will soon be translated into the other languages I speak:  Spanish, German and Italian; all editions will be available for purchase on Kindle and of course in hard cover through createspace and Amazon.

I am currently advancing quickly on my second bi-lingual children’s book for publication, The Singing Teapot.  Like La Sirène d’Ushuaia it will initially be published in English and French (the language most dear to my heart) and later available in Spanish, German and Italian.

I recommend La Sirène d’Ushuaia for children 12 and under to enjoy alone or with their parents.

La Sirène d’Ushuaia is available for purchase at


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