French Exam Prep

I specialize in exam prep. Since 2008 I have helped countless people prepare for high stakes make or break exams. Because I have worked with so many people on the exams listed below I know the tests extremely well, have created and procured excellent study materials to use in my courses and have developed specific strategies to set my students up for success.

Part tutor, part therapist, part cheerleader — Melissa Kerley does it all, and I couldn’t possibly recommend her more enthusiastically.

M.A. / Ph.D. Language Proficiency Exams

I have helped graduate students from Georgetown University, The Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), American University, Catholic University and INSEAD prepare for (and pass) their French proficiency exams. Most graduate students come for a total of 12 to 15 hours, with lessons that typically last either an hour or an hour and a half. Ideally we meet once a week or once every two weeks over the course of several months…although one of my students actually fit in all his lessons in just two and a half weeks – and passed! M.A. and Ph.D. candidates must prove proficiency in a language in order to receive their degrees …and all of my students always have.

Melissa is not only an outstanding French teacher, she also provides invaluable advice on French grammar and the tricks to learning French.

Foreign Service Institute (FSI) French Language Test

I work with Foreign Service Officers as well as USAID and Department of State employees preparing for the Foreign Service Institute’s French language test. Of all the exams I help people prepare for, this is the most difficult. For this particular exam, students generally meet with me for 25-30 hours. It is best to space the sessions out over several months if possible. Thanks to my tutoring during 2018’s six week long government shutdown when one of my students returned to FSI the professor she had been working with said her French had actually improved during her time away from classes.

“There is no one in DC area with as much expertise and knowledge about government testing as Melissa.”

AP French, IB French B and SAT II in French Exams

I have extensive experience helping students prepare for the AP French exam, the SAT II in French exam and the IB French B exam. Students preparing for these exams generally meet with me weekly for hour long sessions over the course of a semester or school year. All of my AP French students have received either a “4” or a “5” on their exams and one of my SAT II in French students went up nearly 100 points after our sessions.

“She took extraordinary measures to learn about the standards I needed to meet and enthusiastically carried out special requests to help me prepare.”

Other French Proficiency Exams

I have guided students in intensive individualized study programs to help them prepare for the University of Tokyo French language entrance exam, Bright Language test in French and the DELF exam. I also provide specialized tutoring for the TEF, TCF and the Praxis II in French. These exams vary in level of difficulty. The amount of time necessary to prepare them depends upon which of the exams the student will be taking and the student’s level of French at the time they begin tutoring.