Private Lessons

“It has been an absolute pleasure working on French with Dr. Melissa Kerley’s guidance the last few years. Melissa uses her broad understanding of French grammar, culture and literature to help you meet whatever goals you have. My goal was to take my academic French and concentrate on improving my oral and written communication skills. Melissa, a very passionate and energetic teacher, is both encouraging and challenging. She adapts to my needs and whims whether it is a period of reading books and discussing them, working on conversational skills, making oral presentations or writing essays – all with her expert critique. For example, in 2016, we read 16 books in French and discussed them in our Club de lecture. As a result of Melissa’s instruction, my oral, written and reading abilities have greatly improved. When held my own in a conversation with a French man in Paris discussing French v. American labor laws, I was quietly thanking Melissa for helping me gain the confidence and skills to make that happen. Melissa is an amazing, selfless teacher who loves teaching French, goes beyond what is expected of her and creates an exciting, fun environment for improving French. I consider myself fortunate to have met her. Je vous souhaite bonne chance dans vos études de français et j’espère que vous réussirez brillamment. Avec Melissa, c’est sûr!” ~ Joanne

“I have been taking private French tutoring with Dr. Melissa Kerley for nearly two years and with her help my French has dramatically improved. We discuss grammar, French novels, and practice general conversation. I also write brief compositions and grammar exercises, which I then review with Dr. Kerley. All of this has led me to be more comfortable and confident in my French skills, which I now use at work in written communications and also used during a recent work trip to West Africa. Dr. Kerley est une prof formidable!!” ~ Courtney (Chemonics)

“I have been lucky to receive French lessons with Melissa through gifts that my husband got for me for Christmas, and then again for my birthday, and have been thrilled to speak and learn with her.  It’s a great way to improve French and have fun while doing it!  Also, the gift certificates are always beautifully packaged inside other things – most recently an adorable, ceramic penguin cookie jar!” ~ Sandy

“I was the editor of a regional general-interest magazine in 2002 when I first became familiar with Dr. Melissa Kerley’s unique teaching style. One of my freelance writers wrote a story about Speak Abroad, the institution Dr. Kerley created in Vero Beach, Florida, that not only offered instruction in French, but also immersed students in the French culture. A few years later I had the opportunity to travel to Paris. Realizing my enjoyment would be greatly enhanced by having a grasp of the language, I asked for Dr. Kerley’s help. The experience was exceptional on several levels. Her thorough – and patient – method of instruction was tremendously effective. She gave me a strong foundation of that allowed me to feel comfortable with conversational French in a very short time. Dr. Kerley’s talent as a French instructor goes beyond her knowledge of the language or ability to teach. Her vivacious personality – full of warmth, humor, sincerity, politeness, caring – make the learning experience a pleasure. She is one of those trusted people who make you feel you’ve known them forever – a tremendous joy to be around. Dr. Kerley will teach you French – and do it more effectively than anyone else.” ~ Peter