I was the editor of a regional general-interest magazine in 2002 when I first became familiar with Dr. Melissa Kerley’s unique teaching style. One of my freelance writers wrote a story about Speak Abroad, the institution Dr. Kerley created in Vero Beach, Florida, that not only offered instruction in French, but also immersed students in the French culture. A few years later I had the opportunity to travel to Paris. Realizing my enjoyment would be greatly enhanced by having a grasp of the language, I asked for Dr. Kerley’s help. The experience was exceptional on several levels. Her thorough – and patient – method of instruction was tremendously effective. She gave me a strong foundation of that allowed me to feel comfortable with conversational French in a very short time. Dr. Kerley’s talent as a French instructor goes beyond her knowledge of the language or ability to teach. Her vivacious personality – full of warmth, humor, sincerity, politeness, caring – make the learning experience a pleasure. She is one of those trusted people who make you feel you’ve known them forever – a tremendous joy to be around. Dr. Kerley will teach you French – and do it more effectively than anyone else.