My husband and I homeschool our precocious 6 and 10-year olds.  Dr. Kerley tutored our family in French via Skype for one year. Dr. Kerley consistently spoke to us in French for 3/4 of each online lesson, sent vocabulary lists, demonstrated and suggested activities, shared elementary songs and games with us and assigned homework that she graded and gave very detailed feedback on. Her infectious love of the language and culture made our children excited and energized about their immersion and language learning. Her ideas for activities were age-appropriate, met each child at his/her skill level, and she was incredibly encouraging of their spoken language skill development. We are now living in Guadeloupe and I am certain that Dr. Kerley’s work with us was instrumental in our hitting the ground running. Initially, we all understood at least 50% of the spoken French we encountered. Our kids were tested and each placed 1 grade ahead, as the School Director (Directress) was impressed with their understanding. Our eldest, has gotten 100% on her Evaluations here and our son, 85-90%, Both children are complemented on their spelling and written French. After just three months in Guadeloupe, I would say that our children have age-appropriate fluency! I cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr. Kerley’s instruction, it is just incredible and effective.