April in Paris? You might want to learn these expressions first. . .

“Survival French”

I teach a four-class French course I call “Survival French” for people traveling to France or a French-speaking country.  The expressions below are excerpted from a vocabulary unit I use in that course.  I call these and the other expressions in that particular vocabulary unit “Survival French:  The Absolute Basics”.

Have fun with these. . .whether you are using them in France. . .or your own home.

A  few “Absolute Basic” Survival French expressions

To use at a restaurant:

Bienvienue.  Une table pour deux?

(Welcome.  Table for two?)

Oui merci

(Yes thank you)


(Follow me)

Voilà la carte

(Here is the menu)

Prenez-vous l’apéritif?

(Would you like a before dinner drink?)

Oui merci/Non merci

(Yes thank you/No thank you)

Qu’est-ce que vous voulez boire?/Qu’est-ce que vous voudriez boire?

(What do you want to drink?/What would you like to drink?)

Qu’est-ce que vous voulez manger?/Qu’est-ce que vous voudriez manger?

(What do you want to eat?/What would you like to eat?)

Prenez-vous un dessert?/Prendriez-vous un dessert?

(Do you want a dessert?/Would you like a dessert?)

Voilà votre. . .

(Here is your. . .)

Je voudrais. . .

(I would like. . .)

To use at a Shop:

C’est beau/C’est joli

(This is beautiful/pretty)

C’est un peu cher pour moi

(It is a little expensive for me)

Pourriez-vous me faire un meilleur prix?

(Could you give me a better price?)

Je vous fais un prix/Je vous ferai un prix

(I am giving you/am going to give you a deal/I will give you a deal)

Voilà . . . euros

(Here is .  . . euros)

Voilà ma carte de credit

(Here is my credit card)

Voilà votre monnaie

(Here is your change)

Signez-ici s’il vous plaît

(Sign here please)

Merci.  Au revoir

(Thank you.  Goodbye)

Je vous en prie

(You’re welcome)

I offer a free sample class.  Please e-mail me at melissa@frenchindc.com or call me at 703-869-8826 if you would like to set one up.

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