Eiffel Tower Art Activity

Last week in a class with some of my Kindergarten-aged students we watched a youtube clip of the Millennial fireworks at the Eiffel tower.

After watching the video I had each of my students draw an Eiffel tower, instructing them to leave it completely bare.  I then had the children exchange drawings with their classmates and decorate each other’s Eiffel towers.  My students had the option of decorating their classmates’ Eiffel towers any way they chose; the only directive was to make them special for each other.  It is hard to say which my students liked more; decorating their friends’ Eiffel towers or receiving the Eiffel towers their friends had created for them.

I would love to take full credit for the activity but it was the mother of one of the families I teach who inspired this communal drawing activity.  She told me about a birthday game she knew of:  Children sit in a circle at a table.  Each child draws something on a paper and then passes the paper to the child to his/her right.  That child turns the paper 90 degrees and adds another drawing before passing the paper to the child on his/her left.  The activity continues until all the papers are decorated to the children’s satisfaction.

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