Gardez la Pêche

Bonsoir tout le monde,

I want all of you to…gardez la pêche!

Peaches give us a charming expression in French!

What does this mean, you ask?

Lately, there has been a great deal of uncertainty in the United States, in France, and in the entire rest of the world. In times like these, I am reminded of one of my favorite expressions in French, “Gardez la pêche!”

Now, let’s break this down a bit.

garder la pêchefamilier (physically or emotionally)look after oneself
  (stay happy)keep smiling

Above is the definition of this expression from WordReference-a great site to use when studying French.

For those of you who have studied French, you might ask yourself, “How did they come up with this expression…”garder” means “to keep”, and “pêche” means “peach”…so am I being told to ‘keep the peach'”?

Short answer: Yes and No.

While the origins of this phrase are not clear, the important thing to remember is that it’s always important to keep you chin up, to be hopeful, to keep smiling, and to remain positive.

So, tonight and every night, I ask everyone to “gardez la pêche”.

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