“Hotel Normandy” par Patricia Kaas

Patricia Kaas, from Lorraine, France,  is one of the most popular French singers in the world.  She sings mainly in French but has also recorded songs in English and German.  Her music is a mixture of pop, jazz and blues.  Her 1993 album “Je Te Dis Vous” sold 3 million copies in 47 countries.

“Hotel Normandy” is one of my favorite songs on that album.  I have inserted a clip of Kaas singing “Hotel Normandy”, the lyrics to the song and their English translation below.

Hôtel Normandy


Y’aura des bateaux sur la mer
Du sable dans nos pull-over
Y’aura le vent, le vent d’automne
Y’aura le temps, le temps qui sonne

Y’aura des enfants sur la plage
Du soleil lourd d’avant l’orage
On aura tout ce temps passé
Et un vieux chien à caresser

Il restera de nos amours
Une chambre mauve au petit jour
Et des mots que tu m’avais dits
Hôtel Normandy
Il restera de notre histoire
Des guitares rock, un piano noir
Le fantôme de David Bowie
Hôtel Normandy

J’aurai une ancienne limousine
Des disques d’or dans mes vitrines
On ira toujours faire un tour
Sur la jetée, au petit jour

Les vagues auront gardé ce charme
Qui nous mettaient du vague à l’âme
Y’aura l’ennui des grandes personnes
Et puis le temps, le temps qui sonne

Hôtel Normandy


There will be boats on the ocean,
Sand in our sweaters,
There will be wind, the autumn wind.
There will be time, time that rings.

There will be children on the beach,
The heavy sun before the storm.
We will have all this time that has gone by,
And an old dog to pet

Of our love there will remain
A mauve-colored room in the early morning,
And the words that you said to me.
Hôtel Normandy
Of our time together there will remain
Rock guitars, a black piano,
The ghost of David Bowie.
Hôtel Normandy.

I will have an old limousine,
Gold records in my windows,
We will go to take a walk
In the ocean foam, in the early morning.

The waves will have kept the charm
That put the this vagueness in our souls.
There will be the world-weariness of adults
And then too time, time that rings.

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