Le Jour Où Tout A Basculé

Le Jour Où Tout A Basculé is available (free) on YouTube. There are multiple seasons and the episodes are under 30 minutes long.

Recommended for Intermediate-Advanced French Students

I recommend this show to all my intermediate-advanced students. Each episode is pure melodrama…a girl who discovers her new boyfriend is in fact her half-brother from an affair her father had just before she was born, a mother having an affair with her son’s teacher, a husband convincing his wife to let him move his pregnant mistress into their home (and the wife and mistress then becoming friends and kicking the husband out).

Because the premises are simple and the acting exaggerated it is easy to follow the stories, even without subtitles (which are not available).

If you would like it is possible to slow down the speed of the speech (in the YouTube settings).

A great way to practice listening comprehension and build vocabulary … and a great, great stress reliever (escapism at its finest…)


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