A Disney-Inspired Realization

This week, I thought that I would share something that recently dawned on me, for a second time. I used to live in France, so I am familiar with not only the French language, but also the traditions and customs. I thought about how many of the people I met during my time in France shared the same interests that I did, and how we had more in common than I would have originally thought. This realization was reinforced this week when I looked at some drawings done by my assistant, Kate. She also used to live in France, and she once received an adult coloring book as a gift. The theme is Disney, and the book is appropriately named “trompe-l’œil”, which translates in English to “optical illusion.”

The way it works is the artist begins drawing a certain image, which they think is one Disney Character in particular. However, upon filling in all the colors, you realize that the drawing is of a different character entirely. For example, you start with an outline of Tinkerbell (La Fée Clochette in French) and you end up with Alice in Wonderland (Alice au Pays des Merveilles) This is not only an enjoyable and relaxing activity; it shows how those in other places profit from the same things we do. It turns out that a love of art and Disney is universal.

I hope you enjoy the pictures attached below!

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