Interview with D. Alfaro from MuttsNBolts Creations!

Bonjour tout le monde! This week, we posted an interview with D. Alfaro, one of the vendors that we partnered with for our conference in August 2020. She was kind enough to donate masks to some of our conference participants, and we wanted to spread the word about her incredible products. Bonne lecture!

What kind of products do you make?

I started out making dog clothes about 8 years ago, but over the years I have added other items such as bags, wallets and purses into my store.

What is your most popular item (s) ?

Before the pandemic, it was a tie collar. I use all recycled men’s clothes to make them so they look very high quality when they are completed. During the pandemic, my biggest seller was a face mask with material that was from The Office and Schitt’s Creek.

Do you make products only for dogs, or for other pets as well?

I have made products for cats and I got to make a bowtie for a pig once! That was a lot of fun.

What are some things that inspire you when making your products?

For dog clothes, I love dressing dogs up in human looking suits. It is so fun to go out and find used men’s clothes, match shirts with suits and tie. When I watch TV I pay extra close attention to what men are wearing to see what looks great. I love creating combos. For the newer stuff, I just think about things that I need in my life and what I like for bags and try and create them.

What is your favorite item to make?

I would say the Poop N’ Fancy dispensary bag. It something that doesn’t take too much time and has instant gratification. I can make a bunch of them if I am feeling the itch to use a lot of fun fabric at one.

It’s so interesting that you have customers from all over the world. Can you tell us about one special international order you completed?

I am an actress as well, so there was someone who loves my work on a particular web series I did. She started following me and about a year after that I started my dog clothes business. She ended up ordering two hoddies from me and I sent them off to France.

I read that your pet chihuahua inspired you to start MuttsNBoltsCreations. Tell us about her!

Oh man, Xena is my most favorite little creature. I can’t believe something so small could have so much personality. My spouse is the one that picked her at the pound, but Xena decided that I am her person. She is always with me at home. It doesn’t matter what room I am in, she is there finding some sun to lounge around in. Sometimes she gets into these moods and she runs in circles as fast as she can all over the house. It always makes me laugh. She loves to wear her clothes, she knows how to put her arms into the arm holes. I think she understands that they keep her warm since she has no fur on her underside. I only make her little fleece sweaters to wear since she is very much a tomboy. Xena has definitely stolen my heart.

Could you tell us about some products you make for humans? Your very creative masks, for example?

Before the pandemic, I was strictly a dog or cat only company. I did make the bags but I had never made anything for humans. I lost my job in March, so I figured I had sewing skills, why not try making masks. I know a lot of my nurse friends were running out of PPE so I made them cloth ones. That’s how the mask business started. I was able to donate about 250 masks to frontline workers when there was a PPE crisis. To date, I have made about 3,500 masks. The only other products I make for human are these baby bibs that are different that typical bibs. They are called Baprons. They are much easier to put on the baby and it covers more of their clothes.

It’s great to see that part of the proceeds from MuttsNBoltsCreations go to animal shelters. Any way we could support them?

Right now, I am donating to Danielle’s Accidental Cat Rescue. She has been doing a lot of wonderful work getting kittens off the street and getting the older cast fixed so they can’t reproduce. I like to find small rescues that aren’t too big and are really wanting to do more but can’t financially. The Bolts in my company name was meant to also represent other furry animals.

What else would you like us to know?

I think it’s so important to adopt from pounds, shelters and rescues and not shop for pure bred animals. There are so many wonderful animals out there that need a loving home. Mutts make the best pets and they are less likely to have medical issues compared to pure bred ones.

Thank you for reading our interview! To learn more about MuttsNBolts Creations and the amazing products they sell, check out the following link:

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