Teaching French in an Unlikely Place

Bonjour tout le monde,

I have a heartwarming story for you this week…I have a friend who works as a computer science teacher at a school in Alexandria. As you have probably guessed, the French language is not something that she encounters often in her job. All that changed about a week ago.

My friend (who speaks fluent French) was instructing her class on how to make websites, and she made one for a world language club as an example. She then had a student say how much they wanted to learn French, but didn’t yet have the resources/books to do so. The next class, she shared a French/English dictionary with them, along with some worksheets. Now, she helps her student learn a little French every computer science class!

Just goes to show how you can teach someone about something they love, even in an unlikely place! May 3-7 is Teacher Appreciation Week, so don’t forget to show teachers how much you appreciate them all month (and year!) long.

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