Parli italiano?


Come va?

Buona serata!

Don’t these words sound very similar to French words like Bonjour, Comment ça va, and Bonsoir ?

That’s because they are! Did you know that 80-90% of words in French have a very similar equivalent in Italian? That’s not to say they are the same word…just very close when it comes to spelling.

For example, the word for strawberry in French/Italian follows:

French: une fraise

Italian: una fragola

See how they’re not the same, but very close? We encourage our readers and students to study French (Bien sûr!) but also to recognize connections between French and other languages. It also has similar roots with other Latin languages, such as Spanish and Portuguese.

What do you think? Do you make connections between French and another language? Let us know in the comments below.

Il faut continuer à apprendre! (It is necessary to keep learning!)

Fraise or Fragola? Both!

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