Une Réflexion

Yesterday I was speaking to one of my dear friends from France. We had a nice, long discussion about art/artists from our respective countries.

I introduced him to some paintings by Norman Rockwell; he in turn spoke about Monet and Cézanne. We then got to the subject of photography, and that’s where things really started to get interesting.

He mentioned the work of Robert Doisneau, a French photographer known for his photos taken after World War II, or après-guerre. One in particular caught my eye-one of a group of energetic children in front of the Eiffel Tower.

I was struck by their positivity, their innocence, their vitality, and their overall joie de vivre. I thought, if these children can be so optimistic, after facing such adversity, we can do the same.

I thought about the joy that will arrive after we overcome this pandemic, one of sorrow, anxiety, and uncertainty. I am confident we will have the same amount of bonheur as these rambunctious youths.

Soyons optimistes! (Let’s be positive!)

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