Un peu d’argot (A Bit of Slang)

Have you studied French for years, but get confused when you hear words like “bouffer” or “truc” ?

Did you ever learn the terms, “Partir en sucette”, “On se barre”, or even “Resto-basket?”

Ever heard a French person say “Saperlipopette!” after realizing that they forgot their keys?

If not, you’re not alone-the joy of French slang is often left out of classrooms. Sure, it’s not formal French, but it sure is important if you want to sound like a local the next time you’re there.

Stay tuned for more slang updates, we’ll try to do them once a week!

In the meantime, here are the translations for all the slang you just learned:

Bouffer=to eat

Truc=a thing

Partir en sucette=to go awry

Se barrer=To beat it

Resto-basket=Combination of abbreviation of “restaurant” and “basket”, meaning sneakers. Translates to “dine-and-dash.”

Saperlipopette!=(old-fashioned) Oh my goodness/Golly!

French slang makes for good tea conversation…;)

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