3rd Postcard from Gary at L’Institut de Français

I have been working with Gary for three years.  He recently took part in an immersion program at L’Institut de Français in Villefranche-sur-mer and agreed to send me updates on the institute and his experience there.  This is his third “virtual postcard”.  If you haven’t read the others yet make sure you do.  Elles sont fantastiques aussi!

Bonjour Melissa.

I learned something yesterday that will astonish you.  One of my classmates, Jim, an engineer from Australia who I think is 48, is in the level just below mine.  In any case, he and I went for long walk along the coast yesterday, around St Jean-Cap Ferrat.  He told me he started studying French ONE YEAR AGO (now he’s in level 5 and I’m in level 6, of 7!).  I think he is very hard-working and dedicated.  He bought the entire French in Action program for the first 26 lessons (there are 52 in total).  French in Action contains a lot of material; videos, audio tapes, workbooks, study guides, etc.  It was Jim’s goal to do all 26 lessons before he came, and he just made it he said.  He spent two weeks on each lesson, working hard.  He said it’s possible to do French in Action completely independently, but there is one part of each lesson where one really needs a teacher.  I was shocked that Jim could make almost as much progress in a year as I’ve made in 8!

À bientôt!  Gary

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