Classes for Children & Teens

I work with students in two important ways. 

1. Private Tutoring for High School or Middle School Students

I work with these students because they are either having difficulty in their classes or because they are gifted, and their parents would like for them to have additional enrichment. Most often these courses take place online, although I am also able to teach them in person. I am available for tutoring until 10pm in order to accommodate complicated schedules filled with activities, sports, music, dance, or part-time jobs. This is why online French tutoring can be much easier to do. Generally students have their tutoring sessions with me in the afternoon or evening. However, some students go to the library or other quiet spaces in their school to participate in online classes with me during the school day. I have a great deal of experience teaching children with ADD/ADHD and other learning differences –  including dyslexia.

2. In-Person French Lessons for Children as Young as Two

I encourage parents and siblings to share the experience of taking French lessons. I have even taught several multi-generational classes where children were joined by their parents and their grandparents! Shared family lessons are a special bonding experience for parents and children, and taking the class together makes it easier for parents to practice with their children.

What sets me apart from other French teachers is my broad, and deep range of experience. I have taught and created curricula for every academic grade, level, and type of French class (e.g. language, literature, culture and exam prep). Accordingly, I know exactly where students need to be at any given point in their French language development. Additionally, I understand the preparation needed in order to manage expectations for each subsequent French level they encounter.  I am ready to jump in at any point to create a program that will get your child where he or she needs to be in the most fun and efficient manner possible.  

In my career, I’ve taught French at the high school level for ten years, middle school level for three years, elementary school level for two years, a Montessori preschool for six years, and at the college level for four years.  I have prepared students for the AP French exam, the IB French exam, the SAT II in French exam and numerous academic competitions. 

If you would like to learn more about classes and rates please fill out the  Contact Me form or give me a call. I would love to discuss how I could help your child learn the beauty of the French language or even create a course for your entire family.

À bientôt j’espère!