Teen Tutoring and Test Prep

1. Private Tutoring for High School or Middle School Students

I work with high school and middle school students either because they are having difficulty in their classes or because they are gifted and their parents would like for them to have additional enrichment. I also design and teach courses for homeschool students. Most often my courses with teenagers take place online, although I am also able to teach in person. I am available for tutoring until 10pm in order to accommodate complicated schedules filled with activities, sports, music, dance, or part-time jobs.

Generally students have their tutoring sessions with me after school hours in the afternoon or in the evening. However, some students go to the library or other quiet spaces in their school to participate in online classes with me during the school day. I have a great deal of experience teaching children with ADD/ADHD and other learning differences including dyslexia.

2. Test Prep for High School Students

I work with high school students preparing for the SAT II in French, the AP French exam and the IB French B exam.

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