Private Tutoring For Teens

My son Philip was struggling with High School French class and close to failing during his 9th grade year.  With Melissa’s expert help, he steadily improved and grew to enjoy French until he achieved an A on his 10th grade French final test with a B+ for the year.  Melissa is exceptional at explaining lesson material in a way that is both understandable and constructive.  Her teaching experience, knowledge of High School curriculum and unwavering patience were instrumental in my son achieving this improvement.  Beyond that, her willingness to work with us on lesson times and ability to conduct virtual lessons were key to his success. ~ Bill

Dr. Kerley stands out as a stellar teacher who relates exceptionally well to high school students. As a parent of four, I am familiar with the hurdles in finding the right student tutor match, across a number of subject matters. Since receiving support from Dr. Kerley, my eleventh grade son’s confidence, and enthusiasm, for French has grown exponentially. While lessons are tailored to the individual’s learning style, I credit Dr. Kerley’s ability to relate to a student on a personal level as the number one factor in achieving positive results. In our home, French study become truly enjoyable. ~ Sarah

Melissa was the reason I could get through French in high school with my sanity intact. She kept me on track and did her best to make it fun for me. I really appreciate her work, and hope others can have the same experience as me. If you’re struggling, or just in need of someone to guide you along the way, I recommend her. ~ Morgan

SAT II in French

Melissa is a truly superb French teacher.  I feel so fortunate to have found her as a teacher for our homeschooled son in his final year of high school.  Our son had completed all the online coursework available to him in French by the end of his junior year.  Melissa guided him through extensive grammar review and vocabulary enrichment in preparation for the SAT II:  His score increased quite significantly over the first time he had taken the exam.  She then planned an excellent and exciting literature course for him, including a study of French poetry that made me wish I were the one getting to take the course!  As a former language teacher and current literature teacher, I am full of admiration for her teaching methods, her preparation and the depth of her knowledge. ~ Michelle

AP French

Melissa tutored my high school daughter for French.  In her junior year, she worked with her for preparation for the AP. My daughter received a “5” on the AP exam.   Melissa takes time to know her students and developed a terrific relationship with my daughter.  Melissa is extremely professional, flexible in her approach, and always comes to the lessons very well prepared.  Each lesson was carefully planned out, and there was the right amount of flexibility to accommodate questions, and going into more depth in certain areas.  Melissa tailored and designed a curriculum to my student’s needs.  I highly recommend Melissa for all language levels!! ~ Marjorie

Studying for the AP French exam was a daunting task, especially since it is known to be one of the most difficult AP exams. Madame Kerley knew exactly what I needed to demonstrate on the test and explained precisely what the graders were looking for in each section. She helped me work toward that level of performance one week at a time, making the process much more manageable. Outside of our sessions, Madame Kerley encouraged me to watch short youtube dramas in French, which kept the experience entertaining and increased my vocabulary. She pushed me to dive right into the exam-style speaking and writing presentations. This was challenging at first, but with consistent practice, my performance greatly improved within a fairly short time period. Thanks to Madame Kerley’s knowledge, accountability, and feedback, I was comfortable and confident with my French abilities by the time of the exam in May. ~ Cynthia

In the fall of her senior year, my daughter was mapping out a study plan for the AP French exam. Madame Kerley’s Skype sessions were invaluable! From the convenience of our own home, my daughter completed assignments, watched videos, and held weekly Skype meetings to practice her speaking and writing skills. As a parent, I felt confident that my daughter was receiving individualized instruction to build upon her strengths and greatly improve her weaknesses. I could not have been more pleased with my daughter’s progress and Madame Kerley’s assistance to help her reach her goals. ~ Laura