French Classes for Kids

“Melissa is a truly superb French teacher.  I feel so fortunate to have found her as a teacher for our homeschooled son in his final year of high school.  Our son had completed all the online coursework available to him in French by the end of his junior year.  Melissa guided him through extensive grammar review and vocabulary enrichment in preparation for the SAT II:  His score increased quite significantly over the first time he had taken the exam.  She then planned an excellent and exciting literature course for him, including a study of French poetry that made me wish I were the one getting to take the course!  As a former language teacher and current literature teacher, I am full of admiration for her teaching methods, her preparation and the depth of her knowledge.” ~ Michelle

“My husband and I homeschool our precocious 6 and 10-year olds.  Dr. Kerley tutored our family in French via Skype for one year. Dr. Kerley consistently spoke to us in French for 3/4 of each online lesson, sent vocabulary lists, demonstrated and suggested activities, shared elementary songs and games with us and assigned homework that she graded and gave very detailed feedback on. Her infectious love of the language and culture made our children excited and energized about their immersion and language learning. Her ideas for activities were age-appropriate, met each child at his/her skill level, and she was incredibly encouraging of their spoken language skill development. We are now living in Guadeloupe and I am certain that Dr. Kerley’s work with us was instrumental in our hitting the ground running. Initially, we all understood at least 50% of the spoken French we encountered. Our kids were tested and each placed 1 grade ahead, as the School Director (Directress) was impressed with their understanding. Our eldest, has gotten 100% on her Evaluations here and our son, 85-90%, Both children are complemented on their spelling and written French. After just three months in Guadeloupe, I would say that our children have age-appropriate fluency! I cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr. Kerley’s instruction, it is just incredible and effective.” ~ Tiffany

“Melissa is a phenomenal teacher! She tutored my three children (ages 8, 6 and 5) in French for two years, and I was very impressed with her preparation, thoroughness and enthusiasm. Each week she prepared a new lesson and a new game to play to reinforce the week’s work. Her play-based technique kept my kids entranced. She kept the lessons fun and was always upbeat and encouraging; as a result, my children looked forward to their lesson each week.” ~ Mary

“Dr. Kerley stands out as a stellar teacher who relates exceptionally well to high school students. As a parent of four, I am familiar with the hurdles in finding the right student tutor match, across a number of subject matters. Since receiving support from Dr. Kerley, my eleventh grade son’s confidence, and enthusiasm, for French has grown exponentially. While lessons are tailored to the individual’s learning style, I credit Dr. Kerley’s ability to relate to a student on a personal level as the number one factor in achieving positive results. In our home, French study become truly enjoyable.” ~ Sarah

“Melissa taught my children and myself French weekly for three years. We were all at different levels, but she accommodated each of us. She was always upbeat and enthusiastic — and very patient. In the process, Melissa became a dear family friend.” ~ Valerie

“When we learned that we were bound for Paris before the end of the year with our two young children ages two and four, we began an urgent search for a French teacher. We wanted to save our children as much “playground shock” as possible by introducing them to the language and culture as soon as possible. We were EXTREMELY fortunate to find Melissa. Drawing on great personal and professional experience, she transported the family to France for an hour or more each week. She became a welcome teacher, friend, and “French” family addition (the children never heard her speak English). We feel Melissa provided just what the children needed to make the French connection. Thank you!!” ~ Tim and Joy